Burscough Archers

An Exclusive club within a club: Burscough Archers' Robin Hood Club

After a run of six Robin Hoods within about a year, it’s time to set up a page to honour these achievements. A compound archer had hit a Robin Hood at some point before the move to our present range but that’s in the distant past and no-one can even recall the name of the archer.

(For the uninitiated, a Robin Hood is where an arrow accurately hits the centre of the nock of an arrow already in the target and typically destroys both. If your arrow hits someone else’s in this way, you pay the other archer for a replacement. Fortunately, in the examples to date, November 2021, the two arrows, or in Karen’s case, the three arrows, have been owned by the same archer.)

Karen Shotton: November 2016

The founding member of the Robin Hood Club and the only one (so far!) to shoot a Robin Hood in an off-site competition, this was the first Robin Hood with a recurve bow. It was a double Robin Hood (her arrow went into the back of an existing Robin Hood, on the spider) at the Caldy (Wirral) Portsmouth. The normal rarity of these events is indicated by how long Karen’s stood as one of a kind.

Mike Philips: November 2020

Mike’s Robin Hood happened less than 24 hours after buying a new set of arrows and only 6 weeks after he joined the club.

Neil Ashton: September 2021

Another recent joiner, on a beautiful evening, Neil hit his Robin Hood only 2 weeks after joining and again, shortly after buying his own arrows. He’d had them a bit longer that Mike though!

Keith Eustace: October 2021

The first indoor shoot for 2021-2022 was when Keith Eustace achieved his Robin Hood.

Stephen Reed: November 2021

Stephen joined in June 2021 so yet again, a recent joiner. He was competing in a Portsmouth round in the indoor range and it was only his third competition.

Dave Parry: March 2022

Another recent joiner, it’s becoming customary to get a Robin Hood within your first year of membership!

Stephen Reed, our first double entry: April 2022

Karen's Double Robin Hood
Karen's Double Robin Hood
Karen's Double Robin Hood
Karen with her Robin Hood 'sandwich'. Her arrow was second in the run with a competitor (on a compound bow) shooting the first and third arrows.
Mike looking a bit cold!
Mike looking a bit cold!
Neil enjoying the great outdoors
Neil enjoying the great outdoors ...
Keith is inside
While Keith ...
Stephen is inside
... and Stephen are inside
Dave is outside
… and on another day outside in the sunshine, Dave Parry joins the RH club
Stephen is outside
Stephen Reed, our first double entry, April 2022