Burscough Archers

Another month, another Robin Hood from Burscough Archers. And so it was, on a sunny March Wednesday…

When the arrow shafts Dave Parry had ordered arrived on a Tuesday (1pm) and he finished the assembly of the fletchings, points and nocks that evening, little did he realise that less than 24 hours after receipt, he would destroy two of them. Yes, he shot a Robin Hood. Two arrows lost, because although the second has survived he said that he “will preserve them in an eternal embrace.”

Shooting a Robin Hood is indeed a mixed blessing: the glory of the achievement is heavily balanced by the cost of the lost arrows! At least he was pretty sanguine about it, commenting “C’est la Vie!”

He now joins the rather exclusive club of “Hooders” in Burscough Archers making the number up to six. So, this club within a club is becoming rather less exclusive as each month passes. And recently joined members of Burscough Archers are in the majority of the membership, four of the six. (Mike, the first of this recent batch, isn’t a recent joiner but he was when he hit his Robin Hood!)

Dave Parry's Robin Hood