Burscough Archers

Shooting line, first indoor shoot 2021

Burscough Archers Fully Booked First Indoor Session for 2021

It was a cold, wet and very windy October evening but that didn’t put Burscough Archers off from attending the first winter session of the year. Shooting in the Equestrian Centre at Asmall Livery, where the outdoor range is located, the lighting was excellent as the pictures show. Nevertheless, some archers were using the lighting as an excuse for their less than perfect shooting!

Shooting line, first indoor shoot 2021 This year’s intake of new members was well represented and there were a couple of longer-standing archers not seen since before the Covid outbreak, good to see them at long last. One of these was Keith who managed to shoot a Robin Hood, as pictured.

Covid restrictions limited the number of participants to 20, shooting three arrows each in two waves before collecting, under the able control of the line captain, Carl.

The Equestrian Centre is partially open down one long side and the archers have to draw safety net curtains at the target end to comply with range safety. So, on a cold evening, and this certainly was that, the hot drink during the break was most welcome.

As the first session of the year, this was not a competitive event; during the winter season, once a month the club runs a Portsmouth round of 60 arrows on a 60cm target at 20 yards. The top 6 scores are then entered into the national competition.

Comments after the event included:
  • “Great to see such a good turnout.”
  • “It was a great atmosphere and nice to meet other members.”
  • “If anyone notices any holes in the new target stands, [just built by Roy, the Club secretary, Coach and Senior Target Stand Builder] it wasn’t me!” to which Roy replied, with a smile:
    “Did I forget to mention? It’s £1 per hole!”