Burscough Archers

Fun shoot a great success!

In late May 2022 the club organised a fun shoot/lunch and in what’s becoming a habit now, Roy organised the weather, a beautiful, sunny, warm and calm Saturday, as the picture shows. The weather was by no means the only positive: it was great fun, well attended (with 20 members) and there was a strong sense of camaraderie.

There were even medals for the top scorers…
  • Steve Taylor
  • 217 Gold Medal
  • Carl Woodman
  • 215 Silver Medal
  • Stephen Reed
  • 212 Bronze Medal
    …for the Junior winner…
  • Matthew Nuttall
  • 69 Gold Medal
    … and for the teams.
  • Steve Taylor & Carl Woodman
  • Gold Medal
  • Stephen Reed & David Ashcroft
  • Silver Medal
  • Louise Woods & David Shaw
  • Bronze Medal

    After being congratulated on the top spot, Steve’s comment was “Thanks, it was great fun. I think I would have enjoyed it just as much if I’d come in last.” Which, in a way, rather sums up the day!

    Special thanks to Roy for organizing this event.

    Shooters at the line at May 2022 fun shoot
    Photo Credit: Dave Ashcroft