Burscough Archers

September’s fun shoot — a great success!

Fifteen members, 8 of them from this year’s intake, gathered at the range on a slightly damp Saturday morning for an end-of-season fun shoot. The crazy targets meant that there was a fair helping of luck.

Picture of bowling pins target Picture of fish target Picture of pool balls target

After a sighters end, each archer shot two ends of 5 arrows at 10 targets (Picture 4), moving “down the bus” one target at a time after each two ends. Shooting in pairs, they were able to check each other’s scores. (Picture 5). Halfway through the session, Roy called a break which gave everyone the chance to mingle and get to know each other better.

Picture of the shooting line Picture of archers scoring

Roy posted the scores on What’s App but the top three were Dave Ashcroft (547), Steve Taylor (568) and the winner, Mike Philips with 598. He was duly presented with a certificate and a rather dubious cup inscribed with “The T Porter Trophy”. No-one present had the slightest idea who this individual is or was! Fortunately for Mike, he only gets to keep this questionable trophy until the next fun shoot in about 12 months’ time. Great stuff, Mike!

Picture of the proud winner

The highest placed new member was Alan Langton at 4th place with 477. Well done, Alan. Despite the slightly iffy weather, everyone had a great time. A particular “thank you” to Roy for organising and leading it.