Burscough Archers

Another month… Peter’s Robin Hood

Peter’s Robin Hood The Burscough Archers’ run of Robin Hoods continues. Now, May 2022, Peter Keogh joins the Burscough Archers’ Robin Hood Club, a club within a club that is becoming less and less select, now numbering seven members including one double member.

Peter is both a member of the coaching team and a qualified first aider but in amongst all this he does find some time to shoot. And so it was, on a beautiful sunny day in May, he hit a first in this run of Robin Hoods: he hit another archer’s arrow. He was shooting barebow at 30 yards with Steven Reed, the double-member of the Robin Hood Club. It was one of Steven’s arrows that was the “victim”.

Peter was skiving off painting the bedroom at home: his partner Sarah, the Burscough Archers’ Technical Briefings organiser, first knew about him shooting when she saw the WhatsApp announcement. He had planned to get back to the painting that afternoon but had to make a trip to the nearest archery store where he was lucky enough to buy the last purple Jazz arrow, a type not made anymore. It cost him £5 but at least his arrow survived.

Peter’s rather sanguine comment: “There is probably a moral to this and it could be: just do as you’re told!”