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Here, we'll be including some of our Press and Publicity items, articles and so on. Hopefully you'll find them interesting, and they'll give you an insight into what we do in the wider community.

An Appeal to all members from Rod, Press Officer

This is an appeal for news ideas for stories for here on our own press page, in the local press and in the quarterly national archery journal, Archery UK. We’ve managed to get something in every issue of Archery UK, going back 16 issues (4 years), with a total of 23 items over, as it happens, 23 pages. So, an average of just less than 1½ items per issue, and similarly 1½ pages per issue.

This success has been because members have inspired me with newsworthy stories I can use.

If you have an idea, don’t be put off by the thought that it might not be newsworthy. I’d much prefer to hear from you with something that ultimately doesn’t work than not hear from you with an idea that would have flown!
Please, let me have your ideas on press@burscougharchers.org.uk and we can explore how we can develop them. I will always give you the writing credit for a tech article, even if I write most of it. “Announcement” type articles, a Robin hood, a new appointment, that sort of thing, don’t carry a by-line but technical articles always do.


New member Neil Ashton's Robin Hood.
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First Indoor Shoot, 2021.
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September Fun Shoot, 2021.
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From June 2021, a Q & A between Press Officer Rod and two new members to Burscough Archers, Philippa and Stephen, who joined after attending one of our Beginners Courses. He asks about their experiences at the club so far, including how the "Buddy" system is working for them.
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From July 2021, a thank you to NHS staff from Burscough Archers, particularly for their untiring work during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
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