Burscough Archers

Another month, another Robin Hood from Burscough Archers!

Hot on the heels of Neil Ashton (September 2021), and Keith Eustace (October 2021) comes another Robin Hood, this one from Stephen Reed. And again, as with Neil and Mike Philips (17th November, last year), it’s happened during the first year of the archer's membership, this time indoors, during a Portsmouth competition.

Stephen commented: “It happened on the second targeting end of the night and as you can see from the target, I had already got a 10 from the first three arrows. After that my scoring went decidedly downhill, that was my last 10 of the night along with very poor grouping. I joined the club in June this year, and this was just my third competition shoot.”

His closing question is: “why can you never walk into a shop and find the size of arrow you want already made up?”

So now we have a monthly pattern established, who will be the Burscough Archers’ December Robin Hood?

Stephen Reed's Robin Hood