Burscough Archers

Burscough Archers’ Big Thank-you to the NHS

Group photo of NHS Taster Session
When Burscough Archers offered free Taster Sessions (normally £10 per person) as a thank-you to all NHS staff in the local area, they were unsure how the offer would be viewed. To date 15 staffers have taken up the offer and the first session was delivered on a beautiful June evening.

The team of five paediatric diabetes nurses with their IT manager, all from Ormskirk Hospital, joined a group of coaches and volunteers from the club to experience archery first hand in a partly team-building and partly “experience something new together” exercise.

They had previously hardly shot an arrow between them but that didn’t get in the way of some excellent shooting. They were shooting three arrows at a time and the first “three golds” came up just 20 minutes into shooting.

IT Manager Kev and his 3 Golds
Nor did their lack of experience stop them from rating the session very highly: feedback comments like “brilliant” and “exceeded my expectations” were typical. And the theme of the responses to the “Any surprises for you?” question was how 1-2-1 support meant that no-one had to wait to shoot.

The fun competition of six arrows each at the end of the session produced very good scores all round but the top score was an outstanding 56 from Lynne.